Enormous Ducks and the Old Irish Saviour

I am at a pond in the town I grew up. There is a family of ducks and they are strangely large. The mother duck is almost as big as me and she has three ducklings that are also large, each almost up to my waist. Ducklings do not look cute so big. They want bread but I don’t have any. I am searching my pockets frantically because the mother is getting angry and I cannot run. I know that I cannot leave. The mother gets out of the water and is enormous, she quacks fiercely. She begins to come towards me. But just then we both look up to the woods behind us and an old woman is walking down with a very patient look. She comes down next to me and is very short with glasses on her wrinkly face and short hair; much smaller than me or the duck. With an Irish accent she says “no worries love.” She spoke more in her sweet Irish voice but I cannot remember what she said. She reaches into her bag and pulls out slices of bread. She hands two to me and we start breaking them and throwing them in the water. The mother duck returns to the water and eats with her ducklings. They all return to regular size. And then I woke up. I felt peaceful upon awakening because the dream had such definite closure.

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    I definately agree with your end statement. The fact that the little Irish woman came out of nowhere to your rescue and had bread definately gave the dream a soothing ending. I love dreams like that when you awake with a sense of calmness.


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