This dream was extremely exciting. I remember me and three friends being chased by police to an abandoned building in my hometown. However the building takes on a very maze-like interior inside—wherever I turned either my cops or friends would be there. Whenever I bumped into a cop and he flashed his gun at me as I said “Stop T.S. Eliot!” He then said—“I am not T.S. Eliot.” But before shooting me, he was for some reason distracted and this gave me chance to scram. Strangely, this scene kept repeating but with different variations on the author’s name; I remember it occurring with the name “Foreseter” and “Hemmingway.” In the end I was cornered in a room and arrested along with both my friends but I don’t remember these details well. I am very confused as to why I attributed the author’s names to the policemen.

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    T.S Eliot as authority figure: a fitting image to an English major reflecting the ubiquity of his work in many a curriculum.


    Those of us who are civil, have a difficult time understanding the irrationality of violence. I think we could look to Hartmann here, and see the dream as a way of problem solving. Or a lucid dream where we try on various solutions to see the best way to solve a problem. Your girlfriend taking care of things in such a manner was unsatisfactory creating only additional turmoil. From my own dream experience, if I don’t like the direction the dream is going I try to think of different escapes. Now I would like to be able to fly from a distressing dream to an euphoric one. Wouldn’t that be cool.

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