Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreaming always seemed to me as a very nice idea, but only for an elite few who had some natural potential. The first day when it was asked in class if anyone was capable of lucid dreaming a very small amount of hands went up. The article gave me a very different view of it. The most significant section for me was when he explained that “lucid dreaming is for becoming more aware.” One’s imagination truly is a different type of consciousness than waking perception, and we have learned that some schizophrenics are sort of stuck between these two realms. Lucid dreaming becomes more realistic for me when understood as training one’s body to focus in on the experiences of imagination. We always here of these sudo-California-Guru’s preaching about reaching different levels of consciousness. The method of lucid dreaming seems much more practical (even though it is shockingly similar in how Stephen LaBerge describes it) than them. It is more believable because all of us have seen this different level of consciousness, we do every night—lucid dreaming makes it tangible.

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