Night terror

Me and my girlfriend are lying on my couch. Outside we hear loud music and motorcycles. I rush to my window and see a massive group of large men in their 20’s. I recognize certain faces as men I have been afraid in my past. For instance there was a boy who was four years older and a foot taller than me that always used to make fun of me in highschool and once tried to fight me. There are several other menacing faces associated with past predators. Me and my girl have to think quick cause it is clear they somehow know my parents aren’t home and are going to storm the house, beat us up, and steal whatever they please. We decide to stand on each side of the entrance with metal bats and slam their faces as they walk in one-by-one. The door knob jiggles, and we prepare. The first one enters and I swing as hard as I can hitting him directly in the face (it seems in slow motion) he falls to the floor. My girlfriend get’s the second one in the same manner but that’s all we can do for there are so many of them that they mob the entrance and get in snatching the bats out of our hands. I remember one specific villain coming towards me with a menacing silence (the same bully I mentioned before). His eyes are fierce as he chuckles saying “now your gunna get it, haha, o you are fucking dead.” I jump at him and tackle him to the ground but he quickly overpowers me and throws me onto my back, climbing on top of me preparing to pummel my face in. He looks at me directly in the eye and smiles again. Then, all of a sudden, my girlfriend comes out of nowhere and throws him onto the floor beside me. She climbs on top of him and punches his head hard into the tile floor. It is a viscous and powerful blow. She hits him again and his head cracks the tile. He is unconscious. She hits him once more and his head goes through the tiles. Dust covers his face from under it. Than suddenly his whole body transforms into a white stuffed puppet. It is like a body made of pantyhose filled with cotton and it is covered in dirt. I look at my girlfriend horrified saying “look at what you have done!” She stands up quickly saying, I am going downstairs they want your C.D.’s,” and rushes off. I rise and pick up the soft white stuffed panty-ho man, it is very light, and I am crying. I take it to a bathroom sink and being washing the dirt of its face feeling terribly guilty. I wash the whole thing clean then walk to the couch me and my girlfriend were lying on earlier and hide it between the couch and the wall. Apparently, in this time the cops had come and arrested all the boys. I woke up sweaty and feeling terribly guilty.

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