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Revision Process

Due to the revision process I am in a much better place with my paper than I usually am at this point. The main assistance the week-by-week preparation process offered me was simply the continuous forced practical thought about shaping a thesis and format, rather than the usual abstract formation in my head where thoughts […]

Thoughts on the course as a whole

This course has truly given us an all-around view of the past and current ideas about dreams floating around the world. Honestly, I wish we had more time because the psychology was certainly essential in the beginning to help us form a lens through which to read the literature, but now that I feel we […]

Tuna Thug and Central Park home

There had been action before this in the dream that is very blurry but I must have been moving close to waking consciousness because I remember the following section of the night’s brainstorm. I have gone to see a movie. This kid I used to know is in the front row smoking a cigarette. We […]

The Unconsoled

I think the most dream-like feature of this book is its ambiguity. When reading, it feels like you are watching someone else’s dream, surrounded by blanks because it is their subconscious and you must put the pieces together yourself. We do not even know the setting, it is an unnamed city that the inhabitants are […]

Night terror

Me and my girlfriend are lying on my couch. Outside we hear loud music and motorcycles. I rush to my window and see a massive group of large men in their 20’s. I recognize certain faces as men I have been afraid in my past. For instance there was a boy who was four years […]

This dream was extremely exciting. I remember me and three friends being chased by police to an abandoned building in my hometown. However the building takes on a very maze-like interior inside—wherever I turned either my cops or friends would be there. Whenever I bumped into a cop and he flashed his gun at me […]

Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreaming always seemed to me as a very nice idea, but only for an elite few who had some natural potential. The first day when it was asked in class if anyone was capable of lucid dreaming a very small amount of hands went up. The article gave me a very different view of […]

Enormous Ducks and the Old Irish Saviour

I am at a pond in the town I grew up. There is a family of ducks and they are strangely large. The mother duck is almost as big as me and she has three ducklings that are also large, each almost up to my waist. Ducklings do not look cute so big. They want […]

Musing on Dali

Dali is fascinating. Just Saturday I was at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and got stuck at a painting of his. You may know it they have it in the hallway as you enter the Modern Wing. Here is a link for it: Observers have noted that this work is actually a marriage between […]

Puck as Dream Personified

In this masterfully crafted play (with the best play-within-a-play I have ever read) I found the fairies to be almost a metaphor for dreaming itself, especially the most well-known one—Puck. Puck/ Robin Goodfellow largely motivates the plot of the play. The play is titled a dream, and he is the moving force of this dream. […]

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